Monday, March 30, 2009

Drink Nopalea And Reduce Inflammation In The Body Naturally

What is Inflammation?

Latin, inflamatio, to set on fire) is the complex biological response of vascular tissues to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants. It is a protective attempt by the organism to remove the injurious stimuli as well as initiate the healing process for the tissue. Inflammation is not a synonym for infection. Even in cases where inflammation is caused by infection, the two are not synonymous: infection is caused by an exogenous pathogen, while inflammation is the response of the organism to the pathogen.
In the absence of inflammation, wounds and infections would never heal and progressive destruction of the tissue would compromise the survival of the organism. However, an inflammation that runs unchecked can also lead to a host of diseases, such as
hayfever, rheumatoid arthritis. It is for this reason that inflammation is normally closely regulated by the body.
Inflammation can be classified as either acute or chronic. Acute inflammation is the initial response of the body to harmful stimuli and is achieved by the increased movement of
plasma and leukocytes from the blood into the injured tissues. A cascade of biochemical events propagates and matures the inflammatory response, involving the local vascular system, the immune system, and various cells within the injured tissue. Prolonged inflammation, known as chronic inflammation, leads to a progressive shift in the type of cells which are present at the site of inflammation and is characterised by simultaneous destruction and healing of the tissue from the inflammatory process.


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Drink Nopalea and harness the power of betalains, a rare and potent class of antioxidants that flourish in the Nopal cactus, Nopalea delivers scientifically proven health benefits.
Detoxify your body Every day, we’re exposed to toxins in our air, water and food—and even toxins created by our own bodies. Nopalea combines its betalains with other anti-toxic ingredients to combat these poisons where they strike us first: right inside the trillions of cells in our bodies.

By increasing the activity of CYP-2E1, a special enzyme that neutralizes daily toxins, Nopalea protects your cells and vital organs—especially your liver—against the carcinogens, hormone disruptors, respiratory toxins, developmental toxins and neurotoxins that are responsible for one-quarter of all the world’s diseases.
Reduce inflammation in the body naturally when toxins assault your system—or when injury or infection strikes—your body responds with a complex biological process commonly referred to as inflammation. If this inflammation goes unchecked, it can lead to a wide variety of disorders, from stroke to arthritis to heart disease.
Nopalea specifically targets signs of inflammation in your body and reduces them quickly. Its betalains and other anti-inflammatory ingredients work directly on the fluid surrounding your cells. There, they draw off the toxins and excess water to reduce inflammation and rebalance the cellular environment.

Protect against premature aging Your skin is a miraculous covering that protects you from harm. Pollution, toxins, radiation and other potentially damaging influences are kept out of your body by your skin; vital organs are protected inside. One of the first signs of aging is thin, sagging, withered skin that is easily damaged.
Nopalea rushes to these damaged areas to shore up your protective layer. The betalains in Nopalea fill in the gaps of your cells (including the cells in your skin) and return them to the firm, robust nature of young cells — at any age. By providing a healthy environment for the cell, betalains keep it from withering.

More health benefits, Want even more reasons to drink Nopalea?

Scientific research shows that Nopalea also helps the body to:

  • Increase energy
  • Boost the immune system
  • Protect against fluid retention
  • Neutralize free radicals

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sonoran Bloom

Welcome to Sonoran Bloom. Sonoran Bloom is the name of a new health and wellness product line due to be launched at the end of March 2009 by Trivita. The Sonoran Desert which stretches across parts of Arizona and California and into Mexican states of Sonora and Baja provides a rich source of natural food supplements.
Sonoran desert fruit drink has anti oxidant's, anti inflammatory, mood elevation ingredients to promotes weight loss and detoxify your body.
"The new Sonoran Bloom™ product line - which includes a proprietary Opuntia liquid concentrate and Streptocantha gel - have significant health applications and benefits," said TriVita Chief Science Officer, Brazos Minshew.
"These products offer our Members and Affiliates true wellness benefits by helping with detoxification and reducing inflammation. The source plants for the Sonoran Bloom™ products are considered healing food plants and were used by ancient people in the Sonora desert. Not only will this story be told by TriVita, but also by our Members and Affiliates, who we believe will want to share these discoveries and results with people all over the world," said Minshew

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stocking a healthy wholefoods kitchen

Spring is about renewal and growth,
a time when life offers itself in the
very food that we eat. With the right
dietary choices, our health and vitality can
be renewed as well.
As a nutritionist-counselor, my goal is
to empower clients to gain nutritional
awareness through a healthy lifestyle. You
can enhance your nutritional awareness by
slowly and steadily re-stocking your kitchen
with new, healthy items you may never have
heard of – items that are as “good tasting”
as they are “good for you.”
By purchasing 3-5 healthy new products each
time you shop – and making a commitment
to use them – you will begin to dramatically
improve your health and vitality.
The following are my favorite, lesser-known
items in each of the following categories:
protein, produce, whole grains, fats and
oils, dairy alternatives and condiments.
All of these items can be found at a healthfood
store and online, but many can also
be found in your regular neighborhood
grocery store.
• Aduzi beans: Buy them canned.
This bean strengthens the adrenal
glands and supports kidney function.
• Garbanzo beans (chick peas):
For those eating less meat this bean
packs more iron than any other.
• Tempeh: A natural fermented soy
that makes a great veggie burger. Full
of protein, dietary fiber and B vitamins;
a healthier choice than tofu.
• Fresh fish: Look for “wild caught”
to protect yourself from heavy metals
and to maintain nutrients.
• Nuts and seeds: Raw almonds and
walnuts are a great source of sustainable
protein and healthy fat.
• Leeks, red radishes, daikon radishes,
green onions: Powerful fat emulsifiers.
• Broccoli sprouts: Ten times
more cancer-fighting ability than
mature broccoli.
• Boxed/bagged mixed field greens:
Easy, convenient way to eat greens.
• Kale: Most powerful source of absorbed
calcium than any other food.
• Lemons: Powerful internal detoxifier.
• Avocado: More Vitamin E than any
other food, plus monounsaturated fat,
80% of which is immediately digested.
Whole grains
• Bread: Try a wheat alternative like
brown rice bread, or sprouted whole
grain bread to avoid allergies,
mental fog and weight gain.
• Pasta: Brown rice pasta for a lowglycemic
choice. You will never taste
the difference, but your body will
process and digest it much easier than
traditional pasta.
• Quinoa: A South American grain
packing more protein than any other.
Delicious, full of fiber and B vitamins
and one of the least allergenic foods.
• Millet: This light, fluffy grain is good
as a breakfast porridge. It’s a complex
carbohydrate easily processed by any
body type.
Fats and oils
• Flax oil: Great source of Omega-3
fatty acids. Never heat it. It is best on
steamed veggies, or in salad dressings.
• Coconut oil: Use to bake and stir-fry;
stable under high heat. Helpful with
weight loss.
• Ghee: Alternative to butter. It’s
clarified, which means the milk
solids have been removed.
Dairy and alternatives
• Goat’s milk yogurt: “Dairy-free”
for those who cannot process lactose,
casein or whey.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Sonora Desert

Reduce dangerous Inflammation

Inflammation is the newly discovered silent killer... which may even now be weakening
your body. It has been linked to conditions such as arthritis, fi bromyalgia, Alzheimer’s
disease and heart disease.
Learn about the latest discoveries on infl ammation and how TriVita’s new Opuntia liquid
concentrate may help your body reduce it.
Enjoy safe and natural

You are constantly bombarded by environmental chemicals. This new product can
help cleanse your body of these dangerous and toxic elements.
Realize how you can monitor infl ammation in your own body and better manage
your health.

Provide a rare and powerful

Antioxidants neutralize unstable molecules called free radicals. Free radicals can cause
premature aging and harm your health.
Discover the amazing, rare antioxidant found in Sonora Desert plants. And, now available
in TriVita’s Opuntia liquid concentrate.

How Vitamin B-12 became

by Dr. Scott Conard

“To ‘B’ or not to ‘B’” – that was the title
of an address I gave at a wellness conference
in Scottsdale, Arizona recently. I was
speaking, of course, about Vitamin B-12, and
the event gave me the chance to review its
growth from an undervalued vitamin to a
recognized powerhouse in health. It also gave
me the chance to recall my early involvement
with TriVita® and respect for the work of
Alfred Libby, M.D., the inventor of TriVita
Sublingual B-12, B-6 and Folic Acid.
As you may know, Dr. Libby was a pioneer
in nutrients and health, and an associate
of Linus Pauling, Ph.D., the two-time Nobel
Laureate and “Father of Vitamin C.” Early in
his career, Dr. Libby discovered the dramatic
health changes that B-12 could make, and
worked for decades to raise awareness.
“We’ve given people
back their lives”
Along with B-12, Dr. Libby was the “star”
of the original TriVita TV infomercials
beginning in 2000. It is still his original,
patented formula (contained in over 11

million boxes of Sublingual B-12 sold) that
has helped so many. Here, I’ve selected some
of his memorable thoughts:
“We’ve given people back their lives,” Dr.
Libby said. At the time, painful and expensive
injections were the only way to supplement
effectively with B-12. And, undiagnosed B-12
deficiency caused untold damage.
“B-12 deficiency, undiagnosed and untreated,
wreaks havoc,” he declared. This “havoc”
took many forms:
• Moodiness
• Low energy
• A heart-damaging buildup of homocysteine
• High cholesterol
He would talk about patients who, with
Sublingual B-12, went from moodiness and
lethargy to enthusiasm and energy... older
people, sent to nursing homes because they

were disruptive and difficult, becoming
“functional human beings again”... heart
patients having their blood pressure and
cholesterol levels stabilized.
A key element in Dr. Libby’s Sublingual
B-12 is its unique delivery system: “sublingual”
means under the tongue, where the tablets
dissolve and get quickly into the bloodstream.
This is crucial to maximum absorption and
maximum benefit.
Dramatic effects,
and a change of career
In my own medical practice, I found the
same kinds of patient results that Dr. Libby
witnessed years before. In fact, that’s how
I came to be associated with TriVita and
Sublingual B-12. For years, my medical
practice specialized in treating the elderly.
Patients would come into my office
complaining that they had no energy, felt
“low” and depressed and they would beg for
B-12 “shots.” After their shots they became so
much more alive, so much more well, that I
changed course in my career.

Taking Care of Your Heart

by michael r. ellison
February is Heart Health Month. Because of the significant rise in
heart disease, Congress passed a resolution on December 30, 1963
that each year the President would declare February our National
Heart Health Awareness Month.
Heart disease is still the number one killer in 2009. With 64 million
Americans, plus millions more in Canada being affected by cardiovascular
disease, we want to inspire you to take action to create a lifestyle that will
give you a healthy heart. Your heart health is also crucial to your overall
health and well-being.
While your heart is a small organ about the size of your fist, it has major responsibilities. Every 60
seconds it must pump two gallons of blood through an entire cycle: from the heart, through the arteries,
veins and capillaries, and back to the heart. Every cell in your body relies on the blood to carry oxygen
and the nutrients your body needs to function properly as well as resist disease.
With us being so dependent on our heart functioning properly, isn’t it wonderful that the decisions we
make can determine if we have a healthy heart. Some people act as if their heart is a machine that either
works or doesn’t work – and there is nothing they can do about its health. Well, there is good news for all
of you who care about your heart and want better health.
The American Heart Association and the world-renowned Mayo Clinic have much to say about
improving heart health by choosing a lifestyle that promotes heart health. Basically, it comes down
to three things you can do:
1. Think smart
2. Eat well
3. Move more
That provides a simple guideline to the daily decisions we must make.